Here at Century, the target is to capture 100% percent of home appliances market share in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Remember it is not a home without CENTURY


Our primary mission is to provide customer-driven electronic solutions of the highest quality to our customers at the fairest price possible.

We have a passion for our customers, for this reason quality controls are put in place to ensure no consumer gets a faulty Product. STANDARD ORGANISATION OF NIGERIA (SON) has also certifies all our products.

Century home appliances is Nigeria’s most trusted consumer electronics brand, serving Nigerians over the years with top quality electronic home solutions at the fairest prices achievable. It has always been our believe that quality home solutions shouldnt need to put a strain on the family. Established in 2004 the company started by taking the market with Nigeria’s most reliable and efficient stabilizer, solving one of the major problems faced by every Nigerian home, the adverse effects of erratic power supply on home appliances present in the homes.

This standard in our stabilizers is one we are passionate about and maintain stringent policies to in order to ensure the level of satisfaction our consumers get from the use of our stabilizers. Moving further Century home appliances continued to extend its product line in order to allow Nigerians enjoy the competences that each Century product offers a home, reliablity, efficiency and affordability is our mantra in the development of each Century Product. We aim to become Nigerias leading consumer electronics brand while staying true to our core competencies and providing our beloved consumers with products that continually ease their daily lives. Join us on our journey, get a Century Product into your home today